SCHOOL YEAR 2021-2022


Managing to survive during a world wide Pandemic!

This year we continue to teach our Language and Culture in a safety cautious survival mode... in person this year with the continued use of masks, teachers in visors at times, constant hand washing, added air purification, outdoor teachings etc. 


kids on chromebooks.jpg


The Pandemic forced our doors to close in March/2020. After the first two weeks, we realized that there was a need to invest in computer equipment at which time, a handful were purchased through an existing budget  then many thanks to our friends in Holland, NANAI who graciously pulled together some funds to buy us 10 Chromebooks then to cover the rest of the students of Nursery to grade 6, a local company MOHAWKONLINE donated 18 Chromebooks and 12 iapds with no hesitation. the electronic equipment are used both for the kids in house and those at home as well. We aare grateful for the support! 

We would like to extend our gratitude to the CBC for profiling Karihwanoron on their digital platform! we like to believe this Doc has had a hand in gaining core funds for our unique program! 


Karihwanoron, in partnership with KSDPP (Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Program), We teach our children about making healthier choices to promote wellness. We aim to assist in lowering the statistics of diabetes in First Nations communities, as well as to provide our students with basic life skills.


Club 200 2021

Winners: $1000 each

January: Carol Lahache

February: Mike Stalk Jr

March: MJ & Jayme Ann McComber

April:Diane Leblanc

May:  Eleanore Paul & Sylvia Lahache

June:  Kim Mayo

July:   Mike Stalk Jr

August:  Christine Stacey Montour

September:  Dorothy Dione

October:  Dwayne Kirby

November: Eva Johnson

December: Melanie Kirby

Club 200 2022