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SCHOOL YEAR 2022-2023


59 children enrolled! 

Our program is 34 years old and so is our building.

We are growing out of it and fast. 

Karihwanoron has a real need to bring our babies back into one place, we need more rooms for resource and offices. Currently our babies are in another building within our community and unfortunately it is not walking distance. 

First we hope to move to temporary trailers as our building is getting old and we are unable to fully repair or add on for the much  needed space. 

 A building fund has been started and any donations will be put towards this purpose. 

After 34 years, we do not plan to close our doors however we are in need of a place to call home. 

kids on chromebooks.jpg

Play ground equipment

With the thought of moving and renting trailers to support our program till we have the ability to build our own, we will be in need of playground equipment. 

We are currently looking into what companies are best to look at for prices to add to our fundraising efforts. 

We would like to extend our gratitude to the CBC for profiling Karihwanoron on their digital platform! we like to believe this Doc has had a hand in gaining core funds for our unique program! 


Karihwanoron, in partnership with KSDPP (Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Program), We teach our children about making healthier choices to promote wellness. We aim to assist in lowering the statistics of diabetes in First Nations communities, as well as to provide our students with basic life skills.


Club 200 2022

Winners: $1000 each

January: Roseann Norton and George Lahache

February: Kawisaienhne Horne

March: Melanie Kirby

April:Orakwase McGregor

May:  Charlie Jacobs

June:   Shannon Lahache

July:    Tony Norton

August:   Orville Diabo

September:   Erin mcComber

October:  Hannah Armstrong

November: Falen Jacobs and Landon Montour


Club 200 202

Still tickets left! call 450-638-0383 or email


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