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What is the Karihwanoron "Entity?" 


In November 1999, the parents agreed with the People of the Longhouse to form a group named The Entity. This group is formed of original founding parents and longtime supporters who also have an interest in the traditions of the Longhouse as well as an interest in keeping the Language, Culture and Karihwanoron alive.


This group was sanctioned by the People of the Longhouse in 1999 to act as the governing body.  

This group will ensure that Karihwanoron keeps its original goals and objectives that were formed in 1988. The Parents remain the decision makers for curriculum, activities and parent involvement.


If for any reason, there is a problem or dis-satisfaction on a decision made by the administration, staff or parents of Karihwanoron, a letter to the Entity must be written and addressed to any member of the Entity.





all donations will be put towards our future building unless an immediate need for other purchases or expenses is needed.

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