Karihwanoron is a Mohawk Language program open to all children of the community, operated and maintained by parents and Entity.


Karihwanoron is an alternative learning environment where the children are immersed in a home-environment, operated around the traditional festivals and ceremonies.


Karihwanoron gives children the opportunity to learn Mohawk in home-like surroundings through means of natural daily activities, i.e.; nature walks, communication with elders, learning traditional songs etc.


Karihwanoron also includes the necessary academics needed to move forward to the high school level at each child’s individual pace.


Karihwanoron began in the fall of 1988 by a small group of parents who wanted to provide an alternative Mohawk education for their children, offering Language and Culture.


These parents were and still are believers in the Language and Culture. They felt that in order to speak and think Kanienkeha a child should begin hearing the Language when Language development begins, around the age of two years.



Karihwanoron is located on the same site as the Indian Way School (Mohawk Trail) the two schools are physically attached however; are two separate schools with different visions.


Karihwanoron was the first Mohawk Immersion Program in the community  to accept children beginning at the age of two years (now 18 months), whom were not eligible for tuition through the government.


Karihwanoron parents are dedicated to the children, the Language and the Culture for the future generations to come and are willing to do the necessary fundraising to keep their children immersed in such a unique Language Program.



As of September 2017, Karihwanorons 18-47 months program is temporarily housed at Averys Playhouse / the Step by Step Child and Family center, keeping Karihwanorons original intent of a home environment Language program. Karihwanoron is very grateful for all the assistance that Step by Step has given our little program over the years. 



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